Tuesday, May the 27th, 2003

From being an insane addict, I have managed to remain sober for about a year. Gaming I mean. Mostly this is due to having a non gaming-friendly laptop, but other reasons like trying to get a life, and work also had their part play.

All that is about to change soon enough I suppose. It has to, I mean, Doom 3, Homeworld 2, Half-Life 2, The Longest Journey – 2 and so on.. not to mention Ati Radeon 9800 pro and the Geforce FX along with the hyperthreaded P4 3+ GHz machines. Drool.

I need to build a machine soon, just have to. Need to build a monster and buy bandwidth, if I have to, and hurt my wrists, eyes, and brain all over. How fun is that? :D

Also been eyeing the Gamecube. Either I get both, or just the computer. Just have to.

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