Rock 'n' Roll

Here are my submissions for this week's theme, "Rock 'n' Roll." I've attached the photographs to this e-mail; the titles and brief descriptions of which follow:

1. True Fans

What might initially be mistaken to be granular, textured orange is a glimpse into the excitement of tens of thousands of screaming fans during an Oasis concert.

True Fans

2. Salmon

One of the many colourful ornaments dangling and rocking in a strong breeze during Ann Arbor's street art fair.


3. Fashion Statement

People are rather opinionated in most places. People in college towns just seem to be more vocal when it comes to voicing their views.

Fashion Statement

4. Another Brick on the Wall

There were many bricks making up the wall outside the Cavern Club in Liverpool; I gravitated to a portion of one.

Another Brick on the Wall