Disclaimer and Usage Policy

( and all other pseudo-legal mumbo jumbo - v0.0.6 - the "save my own behind" version )

I am not a lawyer, nor have I employed one in preparing this document. As a result, there might be a fair degree of ambiguity in interpretation of some of the terms that follow. If such an event occurs, the final interpretation is the way I "meant it", which I will clarify if requested, no matter what words I used to articulate it, and how they could be interpreted.

The content of these pages, and the opinions expressed within, may or may not be representative of my own ideas. They do not, however, reflect the views of the University of Michigan, in any way.

I reserve the right to change the contents of this document any point of time, with or without notice. The most recent terms are always in effect immediately, and cover the site as a whole. It does not extend to sites outside this domain, including ones that have been linked to from here. It is assumed you are reading this at regular intervals and your presence on the site assumes compliance with its terms.

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