These are testimonials* (not always unsolicited) from different people I’ve gotten to know at different points in my life. Think of it as a lazy boy variant of the commonly found 100 (or thereabout) things about me.

If you’d like to share something about me to the world, let me know, and I’ll add it here. Thank you, everyone!

  1. He’s a unique person.
  2. Seemingly aloof and uncaring, but I know it’s just an act. When someone he knows needs him, he’s there. Has a great way of making people feel good.
  3. Frank. Says exactly what he feels.
  4. Contended with his life.
  5. Keeps pulling his hair over his face checking its length. I still find that amusing.
  6. Can.. and does make fun of anything and everything.
  7. So caring, yet non pestering.
  8. He’s the best teacher. Has loads of patience.
  9. Has a fabulous personality.
  10. Taught me so much and helped me when I was down.
  11. Always slightly.. hatke. Kinda unique.
  12. Has a special look cause of lovely hair.
  13. Is both a little shy at times and verbose when it comes to people he knows.
  14. Always been easy to talk to. It doesn’t happen very often.
  15. One of the most originally intelligent people I’ve known.
  16. Gene boy. ’nuff said.
  17. Creative mad scientist. Or is that madly creative person who wants to be a scientist?
  18. One of the most honest and frank people I’ve ever known.
  19. Doesn’t need luck. Is genuinely capable.
  20. Extremely casual walker with a perennial slight smile. Can’t ever forget it.
  21. Mr. Brainy
  22. Has his convictions well defined, and doesn’t hesitate to stand out in a crowd for his values.
  23. Has great hair. *Envy*
  24. Impressed by his ability to think fast, always be his funny self irrespective of who he’s mixing with, and his modesty.
  25. He could be a more social. Then again, he isn’t pretentious in an attempt to blend in.
  26. He’s a simple yet remarkably unique dresser.
  27. He needs to be more patient with people before calling them names.
  28. Everyone will take a really long time to understand him completely, but then they’ll then see a really nice guy, with cool hair of course.
  29. A quiet, calm exterior cleverly masks an exuberant, exciting and fun loving person.
  30. His attitude will take him very far in life.
  31. Easily the coolest, most down to earth guy I know. Seriously.
  32. A very rare breed, do NOT LOSE your youiness.
  33. Has a quick and quirky sense of humour.
  34. His attitude toward things always interested me. Though humourous, the sarcasm displayed was the best. The exaggerations, even better.
  35. Tall guy with tons of hair hiding a huge brain.
  36. A cross between gadget guru and geek god.
  37. Very odd, yet cool, in the way he goes about things.
  38. Know for a fact he’s smart. That takes him places.
  39. He’s a cool guy! Ok, that was a bit too generic. How is, very knowledgeable, cool attitude, frank, straightforward and doesn’t BS do?
  40. Has helped me through some sticky situations. Owe him big time.
  41. Knows some fancy moves… in Q3.
  42. He’s intriguing. Never thought of him as nerdy or geeky, but every other person seems to think so.
  43. Can’t forget the humour, even while he’s cursing.
  44. I always thought of him as this brainy, intense, moody guy who went around with his head in the stars… busy solving problems and god knows what else. Always thought him to be slightly out of my league. Which is why when I finally got to know him, I was most pleasantly surprised. He’s very approachable, has a cute sense of humour, and has a pretty cool way of talking.
  45. Respect his intellect, but his geeky attitude can get on people’s nerves.
  46. It’s amazing as to how he can troubleshoot computer problems through the phone.
  47. Really capable and deserving of the good things in life.
  48. His attitude might not win him too many admirers, but I love and respect it!
  49. I have been forced to do this. As he’s just told me, we weren’t close.
  50. Love his frank attitude and way of doing things.
  51. I’m so glad to have known him. Nothing can compare.
  52. He’s absent minded and doggy haired.
  53. He’s very.. apt.
  54. I can’t do too much more than just admire, but I do look up to him from a technical stand point.
  55. Not too sure if his desire to be different from the rest is purposeful, but it definitely makes him unique.
  56. He equivocates, a lot.
  57. He borrows CDs, keeps them, and claims he’s returned them. But now it’s too late for all of this. He wins.
  58. “Omnipresent light, the source that touches all”.
  59. He’s an amazing person, very frank, and enthusiastic about interesting things. The perfect geek buddy.
  60. Knowing him, he’ll reach the greatest of heights academically.
  61. Amazingly varied. Being geeky, funky AND cool must be hard on him.
  62. He’s secretive about his amazing weight loss techniques. But then again, it’s probably because at points he makes his own lunch.
  63. Me again. Ok, he’s a good cook. (Now he has to cook me a free meal. Tee hee.)
  64. I’m illiterate. Call me instead. I’m guessing he probably won’t because he’s got this thing with phones.
  65. A life long connoisseur of pizza. And I’ve never seen him drink anything but Sprite.
  66. Does odd things. Wakes at 4 am to play games. May god bless him with many more great games, and the time to play them.
  67. Doesn’t express his emotions. I’ve known him a long time, and I’m sure I have a lot more to learn.
  68. He’s easily baffled by my spontaneous blabber.
  69. Even as the woman’s declining him a job offer, she says “We respect your intelligence and you are meant to do more”. He’s amazing.

*They aren’t made up. They might have been modified a tad to refer to me in third person, because I kind of like it that way. And sometimes, a few of the frequently repeated and very similar sounding entries (read, “boringly redundant”) have been removed. You need only read some things a few times before you get the picture.

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