I am not a lawyer, nor have I employed one in preparing this document. As a result, there might be a fair degree of ambiguity in interpretation of some of the terms that follow. If such an event occurs, the final interpretation is the way I “meant it,” which I will clarify if requested, no matter what words I used to articulate ideas, and how they could be interpreted.

The content of this site, and the opinions expressed within, may or may not be representative of my own ideas. This content includes adult themes, discusses potentially disturbing topics, and can involve strong language. It is intended only for mature (over 18/21 years of age, or whatever your local laws decree as legally mature) audiences who aren’t easily offended.

I reserve the right to change the contents of this policy document any point of time, with or without notice. The most recent terms are always in effect immediately, and cover this site as a whole. It is assumed you are reading this at regular intervals and your presence on this site assumes compliance with its terms.

  • Essentially, all the content on this site is available free of charge and you are here attempting to access it of your own free will. All of it is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the material is with you.
  • You are free to use the licensed content on this site in accordance with the terms in this creative commons license, as long as you do not direct link (hot link) my content.
  • This is my space. I will say and do as I choose (within legal and moral limits). If you find any content here offensive, illegal, in violation of copyright, or anything negative in general, you shouldn’t be here. I decline responsibility for the content published by other users, but retain the right to remove or modify material I find inappropriate. All trademarks mentioned on the pages are owned by their respective owners.
  • You cannot and will not use the information you find on this site to (or relay it to anyone who can and/or probably will use it to) hurt me in any way. You should not contact me for more details on events or personal information than what I have already provided on this site, unless I explicitly indicate the willingness to share more information.
  • If you have a real life relationship with me, make sure I know that you read this site.
  • Do not assume that you know everything there is to know about me, or people I mention, simply because you read this site on a regular basis. You have to leave if your intent is to use this site as a means of judging me, or my life.
  • If I do not want you reading this site, you should respect this and please stop reading it.
  • I have no issue with you initiating contact, or contacting me in general, as long as it’s for the right reasons. Please consider using the commenting scheme as a means for providing feedback, before you decide to use other means. If you do decide to get in touch, please don’t assume I owe you a response.
  • If you are interested in finding out more about the technology behind a certain aspect of this site, send me a query. However, it is then assumed you have given me permission to choose whether I wish to respond, and the tone of my response if I do.
  • If I write something about you and you don’t appreciate it, please let me know, in a calm, rational and polite way. I realize that you are entitled to your privacy as well. More importantly, if you know I care about you, and I say something negative here directed at an anonymous person, and you somehow feel you fit the description of that anonymous person, please don’t be annoyed or hurt. It wasn’t you.

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