Monday, January the 6th, 2003

First day of my second semester here at the U of M. It wasn’t as exciting as my first day, which is obvious I suppose. Had two classes today, and I’m definitely dropping the second one. This leaves me with just the three courses and I still need one more. Don’t really know how it’s going to fall into place. And the course I am dropping, done most of the stuff before, not exactly great a teacher, and it involves lots of homework and tests AND a term paper or some such. This is an extremely good way to waste a lot of time and I’m not planning on doing that.

Didn’t get the chance to meet my advisor today and this further leads me in this suspended state where I don’t know clearly what I can do and where I am heading.

The other class was “entertaining” though. It’s like vibes, though I hope I learn more than I did in that class, not to mention do better ;).

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