Sunday, January the 5th, 2003

Another slow day. Spent most of the day messing around with the college of engineering course bulletin, wolverine access and pestering people in an attempt to figure out my courses for next term. Currently, I’ve sort of finalized ME – 512 – Theory of Elasticity, ME – 505 – FEM in Mechanics, and ME – 590 – An independent study/research under Prof. Garikipati. The problem being, anything else I want to take clashes with these because.. I don’t think they planned enough when they decided which courses to offer in which semesters. This hmm.. is a bit of an irritant. Another scary thing is one of the classes I’ve enrolled for and want to take has 24 vacant seats out of 30. Now that’s scary because people seem to tell me that the class will be “cancelled” if such a small number of people want to take it. I just have to hope for my sake that they’re wrong and I have nothing to worry about.

Subjects I would love to do are either not offered this semester, offered and clash, or I don’t meet the pre reqs which aren’t offered in this term. Irritation.. in a helpless sort of way, NOT the way I’d like to start a semester. I’ve got to figure this out by tonight, after I work out some problems with a group preparing for their qualifiers. :), yes, coming here automatically puts you into the “work mode” seeing everybody around you.

Another lunch at Subway makes me wonder what I’ve been doing all my life not experimenting with a large variety of salad dressings during the course of my existence. Either it’s just extremely good or the initial charm, I feel like I can live of salads and sandwiches all my life.

Majorly reworking the guts of my personal website today. The template, v5, seems to be coming out nicely and it abstracts most of the page into manageable chunks and generally cuts the size of the individual pages to half their original sizes or something. Also realized that the CSS file I am using doesn’t validate in the W3C CSS validator and this needs some work before it can be fixed.

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