Saturday, January the 4th, 2003

Back in college. Writing this from the (not so) famous grad. lounge (a room, but it’s got an Ethernet port and that’s all that matters). Return signifies work and should cause me to hmm.. react in a very different way from what I am doing. I don’t feel even the least bit down or hatching those evil genius (well.. not so evil, not so geniusy) plans on how to avoid it. Ran into one of my teachers here, quite surprising, considering it’s a Saturday. Anyway, all of this points to work, and I can’t wait to get back. Everybody is slowly getting back to “reality”. Ashwin left today morning for Florida.

My drive back was pretty. All WHITE except the cleared roads. I should have stopped staring at it since it should be “normal” by now considering how cold it is and how “common” it is, but, that’s logic, I’ve still not got out of the habit of just staring outside.. and going wow. Then the cruel realities like having to walk through it to get to classes and such makes me hmm.. not like it so much anymore. Net effect, no feelings positive or negative towards the weather. Which is a good thing.

These holidays have given time for me to “connect” with a bunch of cartoon/comic/toy characters called the Transformers. I’ve been reading the original comics, catching some clips of the episodes, and even watched the movie. Cool, in a nostalgia inducing kind of way. Here I am, 10 years older, and still find them just as cool. Well, saying anymore will further the “lack of intellectual development” truths which I’ve tried so hard to hide ;). The sad part of this story begins when I noticed their old toys selling in Ebay for a lot. Which is sad since I don’t have a time machine to tell the younger me NOT to destroy my collection. I did have fun then, but that could have made tuition now. What’s more important, I can’t tell. (I can, but I’d be too guilty spelling it out.)

The holidays also made me realize that if I had to give up Indian food, I could. We went to this Indian restaurant recently (name hidden, obviously will be devastating to their business since this is such an often hit site) and that obviously resulted in me having such revelations regarding my gastronomical preferences. Needless to say the food was quite bad.

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