Wednesday, September the 24th, 2003

Coolness. I am doing better today. Almost fine actually. It’s insanely cold and wet and windy and things outside. I don’t want to go home :|. I mean, I want to go home, but don’t fancy the walk.

I noticed on /. that the gamecube’s dropped under $100.

Drool, drool.

Also, with Half life 2, Homeworld 2 and Doom 3 among other things, I really don’t think I can stay sober all that much longer.

Update: I just saw a couple of 4000×3000! shots of Doom 3, which were about 19 Megs, AFTER compression. Yes, they were awesome, and yes, I will build another machine that can run this sweet sweet reason to live.

And, sf is taking some 15-25s to render the pages over the past couple of days. What gives? Is this the treatment a loyal, paying customer deserves? Well, “customer” anyway.

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