Sunday, August the 17th, 2003

Recently there was a mail on an FSF India mailing list from a person looking for Debian GNU/HURD CDs and he’d cc’d RMS. So here is the mail, Srikanth’s response followed by Stallman’s. :D

>> Hi,
>> Is there anyone here who has Debian GNU/Hurd cd’s? (preferably the K4
>> release). I have tried the vendors listed at
>> but that is a dead end. I tried emailing a couple of people off this
>> list but that has not led anywhere. It seems terribly hard to find
>> Hurd cd’s in Mumbai. On a dial-up line, downloading is unfortunately
>> not a viable option.
>> If someone does have the cd’s and is willing to sell copies to me,
>> please let me know.
>> Thanks




This is the ultimate level absurdity.
They have gone calling the GNU system “Linux” because it
was used with Linux, to calling the GNU system “Linux”
even when Linux is not included.

And this is the funniest /. post on RMS I’ve seen in a long time.

The interview is down, Slashdotted. Here’s the original text of the interview:

Q: So, let’s get the ball rolling here. How is the state of Linux in your —
A: That’s GNU/Linux.
Q: OK, and uh, Richard, how is GNU/Linux doing as a whole, given the current —
A: That’s GNU/Richard.

and it went on like that for a while… at one point RMS apparently
flails around on the floor in some sort of seisure-like movement
shouting “GNU GNU GNU” for two and a half minutes on end.

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