Saturday, July the 26th, 2003

Using some 1337 hacking skills and code-fu, I had (on a weekend I was far more jobless than most) generated Pi to a million places. I just realized, (probably 2 months late now) that I hadn’t linked to the nice colour coded html page I had generated with Pi to so many places. (Yes, it’s been done to many more. 35 million or so IIRC. And now I can do it too if I just can sacrifice my not so super computery machine for so long).

What’s the fun spending (wasting? :P) time on something you care about when you can’t even crash someone’s browser or strain their connection. :D

If your browser breaks, get a real one.

In other Pi news, I know this person, who is one of the most happy happy people I know (now with his eye-brows pierced and everything) who knows Pi to a thousand places!

Even more cooler, he isn’t in sciences or engineering. I need to make more such real people “friends” (surface level interaction partners) to remind me at regular intervals the world isn’t all in shades of grey.

Sigh, geeks, don’t see colour. I mean, we do, but we don’t.

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2 Responses to “Ack, Pi”

  1. Vigvg says:

    Well.. Firebird didn’t break either, so.. kewl !!!

  2. viggy says:

    I had been a major user of mozilla, then phoenix -now firebird – But now I have made Opera my default browser .. It uses far less memory to run than the others – the others features like – popup killer and things like that are the same ..

    Cheers ~

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