Sunday, December the 14th, 2003

Finally left home for a bit. Spent the last couple of days preparing myself to convince myself to think about getting things ready to work for tomorrow’s test. No matter what people say, I will NOT call it “final exam”. Test does just fine, and just makes it seem a lot more approachable. Anyway in all this getting notes and what not in order, I figured I had stored a bunch of things at work which I hadn’t taken home.

(I know I have issues with starting work upto some 16-24 hours before I have to be done. Stopped fighting it.)

Had to leave to get it. And that sucks, because it’s snowed quite heavily and being outside in general, sucks. For some reason I just remembered scenes (or are they dance sequences.. it doesn’t really matter) from desi movies on tv where the scantily clad heroine has fun rolling around in the snow on some mountain side. Yeah right. I wonder how much they pay her to risk death via hypothermia.

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