Tuesday, August the 26th, 2003

Continuing what I had started a few days ago, here are the rest of the bits from my slam book. I could have gotten all mean and split this over a couple more days, but decided not to.

Your attitude might not win you many admirers, but I really like and respect it man!
Cool, at least someone does :P.

You have a great way of making people feel good, especially when they’re down.
I try, sometimes.

One of the most originally intelligent people I know.
Good god, you need to increase the number of people you know, pronto.

Coolest, most down to earth guy I’ve known. Serious.
Yeah right, look up the advice given to previous dude/dudette.

I guess it’s when you’re different that you stand out in a crowd.
Go ahead and say it, the word you’re looking for is weird. ;)

You are the best teacher.
Attributing that to my near infinite patience with my tutee.

I would really want you to be a lot more patient, and not call others names if they can’t keep up.
hmm.. conflicting reports. Moral of the story, if you want me to be patient, you have to be my tutee. ;)

You are really capable and deserving of going to some top notch school like UMich or Berk.
Woah (s)he’s psychic.

Dear Pundit,
or should that be,
Dear “Omnipresent Light ~ the source that touches all”

That’s a bit extreme isn’t it?

I’ll definitely miss the guy who pulls his hair over his face to see its length.

Little shy at times, and verbose when it comes to people you know.

Sarcasm that you displayed was the best! The exaggerations were even better.
That one made me mighty proud.

In our numerous discussions, I figured you were somewhere between Gadget Guru and Geek God.
Of course, little one.

Hope you didn’t lose your sanity.
Written on some arbit page, diagonally, UPSIDE DOWN. Oh no, I am just fine with it.

Respect your intellect but sometimes your geeky attitude gets on my nerves.

Meet you as department Chair of Mech. Eng. at MIT
Thank god (s)he didn’t expand the acronym and clarify which MIT (s)he was referring to.

Some day when you get your ears pierced and grow your hair.. I’m beginning to have doubts whether they’re ever going to happen at all, I’ll surely give you a pair of dolphin earrings. I only have one now, so I think I’ll buy a new pair.
Having doubts eh? hmm.. I HAVE to do it now. :)
YEAR LATER: Ponytail’s well along the way. The piercing, yes, still under consideration.

And there were also the standard (obligatory) comments about the longish hair, sudden extreme weight loss and about my being (brutally) honest and frank. :P
Obviously my personal favorite in that department,
Funky guy, lots of hair, and lots of brain hidden inside it !

Note to self. Read the comments about the long hair when you’re bald and weight loss when you’re obese again.

On a side and related note, my little experiment with this book just.. well let’s just say the results were interesting. It was supposed to end up doing a few things and answering a few questions. I believe it did.
1. Primarily, did people really care to read a simple instruction page and follow it ;)?
2. By hoping people passed it amongst themselves and filled it in some sort of order, I hoped to get a who-knows-who kinda relation tree. And probably, how long it stays in a clique before it moves out.
3. Since I had stated anyone, even someone who barely knows me could fill it, I was wondering how far it would go and would someone I didn’t know fill it?
4. And, if I was lucky one passing it on, let me observe how people react when they realised I had a slam book, in effect, admitting that I did care a tad about what others thought about me.

I realised people don’t enjoy reading README’s, even if they’re insanely tiny. They don’t care to follow instructions, especially since the person asking them to isn’t in any great position of authority :). Some people read instructions, and for fun, (and to NOT help my sanity) do totally the opposite. The rate of passing the book is insanely slow when not monitored by the owner. It’s, I would say, a 10th of what could have been achieved with me pushing, but bah, this was more fun. People, like any other element of the universe, tend to be most random. If it’s written, ‘Fill in order’, that’s the last thing I see when I see it now. Things don’t cross cliques easily, and matters have to be taken into the hands of the one who wants it done, me. Yes, even people I barely know have taken the time to write something. I was impressed. And yes, as I id get a lot of this.. OMG, you?.. this is Pundit right? You have a book?

It wasn’t a success or a failure. It was supposed to be interesting and it was. I’ll have to wait another few years and try this again some time.
And.. I realise people are inherently nice (..shiver) ;).

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