Saturday, May the 1st, 2004

There are a bunch of books on people’s experiences with autistic children in my aunt’s home. I’ve been reading one by this mother of an autistic child who handles advanced calculus classes at M.I.T, but at the same time cannot tie his shoe laces or speak a sentence. It was called, hmm, “From a mother’s heart” or something like that. I got into it almost wanting to be deeply moved and end up bawling.

No such thing. I know this woman has been through a lot, but she didn’t seem very nice and made it more about her than I expected it to be. Not.. motherly enough. Speaking of which, there is another woman I have a problem with. The one who gave up her baby on 20/20 yesterday. I will detail my issues with that scheme of events some other time.

And unrelated, I’ve been going through recent pictures to pick (yet another) one for my orkut profile. Social networking things are rather eventless (at least for relatively asocial people like myself), and this is the only sort of thing I really do on them. Anyway, I had this policy against posting (easy to access, not heavily filtered) full facial photos here. You know, for weird privacy concerns. But I figured I’ve put them up in places like orkut anyway, how much more damage could I be doing?

Here’s one of them that didn’t make the cut for the dumbest reason. Anyway, I’ve got this soft focus thing down to a fishing science.


Yes, I think this was taken around the time I took this, too.

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