Tuesday, November the 25th, 2003

Yesterday was all nice and in the 50s. The sun was shining, people jogging in shorts and all that. (Yes, and those who watch them and not feel the need to do anything which involves unnecessary exertion.) Anyway, everyone’s all “oh what a great day” and happy. And then there’s today. Dull, gloomy, lower 20s with windchills touching 10. Oh, all these numbers are in the all awesome Farenheit. (In more real units, 20 F is about -7 C or so?). And it’s not even December. *Shudder*.

But I was just fine. I was underdressed of course, but my ears were extremely covered. That’s like the only thing that seems to matter.

Got a huge batch of music today. Of course, the store guys screwed up and conveniently replaced some hard to find classic stuff with more recent nonsense. Need to get on their case. I’ve just been feeling a lot older than most of the new agey stuff that’s out there. I can’t handle it. This batch also pushed my music (ogg) collection way over 5 gigs. Which is pretty good for 8 months or so’s purchases I’d say. Another useless milestone I thought would seem more cooler once I got there. But I just feel poor. That’ll go away in the morning.

Hmm. I am going blind in my right eye? and deaf in my left ear? I don’t know what gives. Fishing bodily subsystem failure is not something I am willing to put up with. Not so soon. I need another pair of glasses before that eye just decides it’s of no use and stops doing what it’s supposed to do. I hope the ear thing is related to this water event, the details of which I’d rather forget.

I think I’m subconsciously trying to make up my mind to retreat into this geek shell fortress thing, at least partially. Some sort of self defense and preservation mechanism. It worked wonders with respect to work today. I “just did” whatever I wanted to get done. Haven’t felt that good.. no, I mean, able, in a long while. Haven’t felt that dead in a long while. Hmm. I don’t want me associating dead with productive.

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