Friday, November the 28th, 2003

It never dawned on my that there could be something as too much cheese. Unfortunately, there is. I kinda sorta stuffed myself with all sorts of “you will die of a heart attack before you’re 30” goodies yesterday, and felt awfully good at the time. Now I just feel awful. Bleh.

Events? if you can call them that, have pretty much been all food related. Watching late night Food Network, and the perky lady was in Boston, for her “I will survive on a mere 40$ a day” show. I miss? Boston. (And yes, I’ve been there for less than a week in my life. Scary.) More importantly, she keeps reminding me of my hair dresser. Now when I say, “my hairdresser” that’s pretty misnomery, because she’s only touched my hair once. It’s just, I walk past the place almost everyday, and have to go through the obligatory cheery hi/hellos. Again, reminding me as in, it’s not like they look the same. It’s just this… perkiness. That’s fishing annoying after a point. Be glum and dull for a change. Look sad and tired. Be normal. You’re cutting something. It is NOT GIGGLE material. Sheesh.

And for some reason, I am having some issues with split ends. And things aren’t pretty. Maintaining anything more than a bare minimum socially expected length (fully shaven?) head is too much work. I don’t need someone getting all chirpy in my face reminding me of something that’s neatly tucked up inside some hat to be contended with.. later. However cute you are.

Ok maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the overly crazy hermit on top of the hill who lives alone type. Ok, not alone, with a bunch of snakes type.

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