Thursday, October the 16th, 2003

Riding back up to north campus, I was continually greeted to the strong aroma of coffee. And then, as I attempted to use my bag as a cushion/pillow, I realized, it was me. My clothes, my bag, my hair. Looking at my watch, I realized I had spent some 5 hours at a coffee shop, and I’ve never drunk coffee!

Coffee places are cool to hang out at. Now if they just made them more about the hanging and less about the coffee.

Work stuff, Sarah’s collagen primer again, along with the Sandia lab people. As usual, such things just clarify how little people know.

Back “home”, this was highlighted again. The undergrads here are fishing ignorant. Oh MY GOD. I couldn’t stand it. I was trying to get some stuff done in this lab where these three kids were discussing some project or something. I didn’t realize people could be so stupid. I mean come on, don’t you have a brain? I mean, at least a third each?

It angered me. I am not going to go on about this. I just left the place after some 10 minutes of losing quite a bit of blood. As I was attempting to simultaneously blind myself and chop off my ears.

I guess I was exposed to an exceptionally extreme set. I hope rather.

In the blood and gore front, I read the review of Kill Bill on the local paper. In over a year, I’ve NEVER seen a movie/play/album whatever being rated more than 3 stars, so I assumed it was out of 3. And today, I saw this rave review of this movie, and it got 5 stars. Intrigued, I checked out the filmography of the director. I was like, hmm, unheard of, unheard of, … “FROM DUSK TILL DAWN” and then stopped. Anyone who’s ever had the extreme misfortune of having to sit through even a small portion of this movie will realize no good can come out of a director responsible for something like that. It was just the C-est B movie ever made. And it was just plain over the top (gory) violent, for no real reason.

The reviewers and other people are obviously lying.

For some strange reason, one of the major events (from my pov of course) yesterday slipped my mind. During one of these breaks between sessions, I gravitated towards the nearest computer, somewhere in the basement of the league. Firstly, this place allows people to carry food to the machines, and their keyboards and mice are all gross and sticky. Eww. Now, I can mess with my own computer and that’s different. I know where I spilled what and what keys to avoid. Common machines, not good. I wonder who we got to write to, to complain about such things.

Anyway, more on that another time. It was this relatively decent machine, with Windows 2000 installed. Now I’ve never really used Win2k, so decided to probe a bit, not expecting it to be terribly different from anything else. During some snooping around, I realized, this was like some gamer’s wet dream. Everything from every single FPS from HL+CS to RTCW to strategy/RTSs like WarIII was installed. I rushed to Q3, since I hadn’t played in a long while. A year and a half almost. It felt so good. Practiced with the bots for like 3 minutes, getting my keys and mouse sensitivities, fov etc all perfect and was online getting kicked in multiplayer servers in no time.

That was the fastest 3 hours have ever gone by in ages. Even getting mercilessly kicked felt so good. I just need to get a few weeks of 18 hours a day practice sessions in, and will be half decent again.

On the software theme of things, installed Office 2003 today, where I am typing this, as a check. (Has anyone got any grammar error other than – “Fragment (consider revising) – The marked words might be an incomplete thought blah blah” error?) It feels all XPish. Complete with the gross ‘silvery gradients’ on everything, buttons and all. Ick. Point being, the uni seems to have made all sorts of deals with the evil folks at M1cros0ft, and we can just ‘take’ whatever we want off the uni servers. I guess it’s some sort of complicated ‘get em hooked now and they will buy when they can afford later on in life’ scheme.

Scary part is it works for most of these mindless drones.

Talking about the uni, I think I’ve screwed up? There were like a gazillion emails a few weeks ago on our local email lists about having to fill up some paperwork to get an M.S degree. a) I had applied and directly made it into the PhD program b) Didn’t really take the time to find out details. So decided that wasn’t for me. What was I thinking? That I wouldn’t get an M.S? I actually think that’s it. I assumed I was on some different path, where things “just happen” and having to request for intermediary degrees wasn’t one of them.

Hmm.. will have to fix this soon. Paperwork, bah!

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2 Responses to “Coffee”

  1. anita says:

    i don’t like quentin tarantino’s movies. i don’t get what people like about them so much. i didn’t even like pulp fiction at all! or reservoir dogs!

  2. wahgnube says:

    I haven’t even bothered to see them. I was kinda sorta forced into seeing bits of “From dusk till dawn”.

    Kinda sorta of forced as in it was playing on tv and this channel was right between two channels I was watching.

    It was horrible.

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