Sunday, February the 24th, 2008

Maybe it’s having too much time on my hands, or maybe it’s just my ultra-negative world view, but whatever the case may be, I know what’s coming next: My downward spiral.

I’m reverting to a very dark place, where I’m justifying antagonising everyone in my life. I’m perceiving reality through a warped “you’re either with me, or against me” mentality—where everyone just happens to be standing in my way. I’ve managed to completely justify every self-destructive action culminating in my sorry existence by transferring every last morsel of responsibility to others—making them the enemy, deserving of my rage.

This is not going to end well.

On the flip side however, observe how my disappointing life serves as a textbook example of cognitive dissonance. Consider the disparity between the following true statements:

  1. I believe I am a upstanding and kindhearted individual, sensitive and generous to the world around me.
  2. I am perpetually woebegone.

In an attempt to reduce dissonance, I plainly conclude that the world must be rife with malice. Moreover, why should I then be courteous toward it?

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2 Responses to “Cognitive dissonance”

  1. V.R says:

    Hmm.. you simply need good company. Get those colours into your life – not just shades of dark. I am sure point (1) above is a factor big enough to over come point (2). Make your choice about your offers, after all, there’s always a second chance.

  2. pundit says:

    I intend on doing that shortly; just need to carry out a little bit more pondering.

    (Oh how I love pondering.)

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