Friday, November the 21st, 2003

I mean literally. I finally went home last evening after a couple of days. I could live here if I cared a lot less about personal hygiene and all that sort of thing. And the best part is I still don’t get whatever it is I needed done, done. I slept (more like passed out) on one of the nights and didn’t finish whatever it is I planned to get done. Got an extension. Took another day. Got it done, and I’m pretty sure it’s still not “right”. And even more importantly, it stopped bothering me. I am quite at peace (in a positive way) with the way things are.

Oh that, and one crappy bagel is enough to pull you through a day if you’re reaaaaaaaaaaaaally inactive, like me.

Today’s the day I think the Indian student group is having their Diwali celebrations. Now this is not a big deal when you’re really not involved or going even, but it’s kind of funny hearing people use words like “resplendent” to describe the show when normally, these people sound like I do. (Few monosyllable word sentences.)

And the site. Something’s happened. Had all those plans, all that enthusiasm, all that general excitement. It just “went away”. Sheesh, I am struggling right now to sit here to even type this little thing out. All major breakages have been fixed as far as I can tell. Quickies is up, bloogle is up, general blog related things function again. A bunch of links and pictures in past posts were hardwired back to the old place, so they need to be fixed in time. Need to figure out some simple sqldump -> search and replace all URI related text to new info -> reinsert new data scripted scheme of events. There is no way I am going to manually edit any past posts.

Either this consumed by the uni thing has gone a bit over board, or I am actually feeling a lot.. hmm. No, it’s not that. But I am feeling this huge dose of happy happy in life.

Am planning on a (broken) (yes, stolen plan from other popular free software projects, to hold future preview versions of the site. I like planning.

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