Thursday, August the 25th, 2005

(This is not one of those hit-generating stunts. I promise. We all know how well those work.)

I’m redecorating my modest home, and I have one prominent empty wall to fill. I’ve always planned to (but never gotten around to actually) populate this with a collage composed of somewhat-large prints of my better pictures in cute frames that I’ve already picked out.

Where do you come in?

I am shooting for 8–12 pictures, and I obviously know which ones I really like. But these aren’t what the general populace usually coo over, and I need your input in deciding which ones get to go on there.

So if you could go through my gallery, and pick out your favourites, I would be most grateful.

Anything would do. Favourite, top few, top ten, anything. Comment here or e-mail me.

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2 Responses to “Decor Opinions”

  1. anita says:

    just out of curiousity, would you want to pick pictures that go well together? since they are all going to be hung up together on one wall? or are you just picking them based on their individual looks?

    i have a hard time picking out the ones i like best when i only see them one at a time. they’re all pretty good really. since it’s your place, why do you care about the general populace? i say, go with your favorites.

  2. wahgnube says:

    First, the answer to the easy question. I would like to pick out ones that go together–and go well with an exposed-brick-wall backdrop.

    Now for the hard one. Why do I care about the general poplace?

    Because at some level, I am just a shallow little man and use things I can be good at (and usually not passionate about) to impress and influence in subtle ways, because I can. How I feel about something means little toward this end.

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