Monday, August the 22nd, 2005

Diagonal Rainbow

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4 Responses to “Diagonal Rainbow”

  1. Kamakshi says:

    from the same place as rippled quadrants? i like the diagonal frame

  2. pundit says:

    Diagonal frames rock.

    And yes, this is the same place as the quadrants. I usually separate such things by quite a few days to make sure people don’t make such connections, but I’ve run out of pictures.

    There is going to be a substantially long period of no updates sometime soon, and I didn’t want Lingering Nostalgia to be it. That’d be depressing.

  3. stchatterbox says:

    yup, i recalled your last picture when looking into this one; but still it looks pretty!
    by the way, i came across a site that’s quite similar to yours by means of LOOK & FEEL.
    Take a look at it……

  4. pundit says:

    That’s because, well, take a look really carefully at the links in the answer to the question “Yay, I won something. I like this place, how did you make it?” on the about page.

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