Monday, December the 20th, 2004
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Donate and Smile along

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4 Responses to “Donate and Smile along”

  1. chiaroscuro says:

    what and where is this place/org?

  2. pundit says:

    These are two kids at children’s village.

    What: By which I mean it is a quite-self-sufficient unit where orphaned kids are given a friendly caring mom, a home with 8 or so fun siblings, schooling till high school, further training in life skills (or financial support to study more outside) and so on to make them complete, happy, cared for members of society.

    (I will go so far as to say they have more friends and siblings than I did. They are consequently less socially awkward than I, but that’s besides the point.)

    Where: In general all over the world, but this particular village is close to home. By which I mean, it’s in Madras. (I support two adorable little kids here. One’s 1.2 years old and the other is about 5 years older, but that’s besides the point too.)

    Org: This is a part of Chatnath Homes, an Indian subset of a larger organisation, the SOS Children’s Villages located all over the world.

    There might be one closer to you than you think.

  3. pundit says:

    Not that anyone asked for it, but I have another side anecdote to add about the plsce.

    See the concrete these kids are standing on? A short distance from that point, clumsy little me dropped my (now older) camera straight into the, well, concrete, from a height of about 5 or so feet.

    Amazingly, it hasn’t a scratch on it nor did any of its mechanisms/electromagicisms fail. I was impressed.

  4. vibgyor says:

    ohhhh sooooooo cute boys
    i wish they were available to me
    i would have made them my boyfriends

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