Friday, October the 31st, 2003

Fridays are usually sleep-in days. Not today though. For no real reason I was up at 4:30 A.M or so. Did I go to sleep early early last night? I have no idea. Anyway, spent quite some time at home catching up on some much needed cleaning stuff. It’s strange, it’s not like the roomies keep things “not neat” or any such thing. It’s just, if you walk into a squeaky clean home, and you aren’t responsible, it just means that roomies are having guests.

Am I the only one who cleans/arranges things because I like things that way? I mean, if these people didn’t have anybody else to, I wouldn’t use the word impress, just “not scare” away? would they even do their occasional bit? It’s a scary thought, but it’s not like it matters, as long as things get done at regular intervals.

Finally, after all this time harping on all these things they do that irk me to varying degree, I finally found one thing I did that bothered them. So, evidently, I not perfect be. Now, our answering machine is this arcane thing, and only I took the time to figure out how to work it. And I, don’t really care for the phone. I can only stand a) face to face communication or b) something like email that’s supposedly at the other end of the spectrum. I don’t know what it is about the phone. It’s like it takes away some necessary input you need to figure out what the other person “really means”, which is obvious when you’re talking to them face to face, and it also takes away this “think before you respond” period that email and such gives you, which sort of makes up for the “you didn’t really know what they really meant”, because you can plan and come up with something quite PC either way.

Bah, totally sidetracked. Returning to our central story, since I am not a frequent user of the phone, I figured no one else really cared for it as well. And the response on the answering machine I set was vaguely similar to “We aren’t near the phone right now, or are probably doing something more important. Leave a message l_o_n_g_p_a_u_s_e, if it’s terribly important, and we’ll get back to you l_o_n_g_p_a_u_s_e, if we think it is.”

Apparently people calling in don’t have a sense of humor, as they bugged the roomies until they bugged me to change it to something totally mundane. Moral of the story being, I can totally do stuff that bothers people around me too.

I think I’ve lost my glasses on the way to work today. My stupidity of course, and these were the functioning pair. As I was leaving, I picked up a cap hat, but then decided not to mess a half decent hair day and decided to carry it with me? Then I picked up my glasses, and instead of wearing them like normal people, I placed it in my hat which I was using like this pouch? Ok, so that was weird and stupid.

I reach work, and my glasses aren’t in the hat. Must have fallen somewhere along the way. Hmm… Unless, I imagined all of this and never really picked up my glasses in the first place, which is very likely too. I tend to not notice things/remember them if I do.

But the damage to my eyes shouldn’t be too severe, as, in a surprising? turn of events, the big tv in the hall spontaneously stopped working. I mean, it just failed. Must have been some power fluctuation or some such, or just age. It’s back to the little thingy again. No, I don’t know enough to even attempt to fix anything, and am too lazy (not strong enough?) to actually lift it and throw it out.

And coming to more pleasant surprises, remember this person who went missing? She’s back. She’s fine. And now a redhead :). And last night, on Insomniac, most streets Dave went to seemed awfully familiar? Yes people, Albuquerque doesn’t seem like a very large place. That and I guess cause he was walking mostly around the Hyatt? I’m pretty sure I spelt it wrong, again.

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