Friday, December the 10th, 2004

I did almost nothing this entire term. Which was good, for all the time I got to spend doing nothing. But extremely bad, for this past week. As a testament to how hairy things got, regular updates to the journal and photolog were suspended. Think about it, that’s some serious working.

(On an unrelated-yet-related note, I was talking to this person earlier, and she’s nearly convinced me it is an absolutely great idea to get a masters degree in math along the way too. You know, since it’s along the freaking way.)

Anyway, as always, 3-4 sleepless nights and I’ve pulled through. I like amazing myself with 28-30 hour stretches of absolute productivity. All class related work done, and the end term crunch has now been reduced to just ‘end term’. And now if you’d excuse me, I’d like to sit aimlessly and bask in my pseudo sense of achievement.

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