Wednesday, April the 30th, 2003

Ahh well, the morning after, my first language class that is :). It was pretty good fun, and the fact that the teacher didn’t speak in English till the last 10 minutes of the class was an interesting concept.

Well anyway, this has definitely been an experience that has (atleast currently) raised my enthu levels. Which is why I assume I’m up at 5 am typing this. For starters, it’s gotten me thinking about what I plan to achieve this summer and how I best utilize my time.

The tasks that need (I would like) to complete (as in carry out) include:

1. German 101
2. Research
3. Qualifiers Preparation
4. Update the site. Specifically, resume?
5. A simple exercise routine

*Fill out those ‘tax’ forms

The plan is, I guess I can say I can work from 8 in the morning through 10 in the evening on weekdays. Considering I’ve got class from 7 – 9 pm almost every weekday, and the travel/other things, I’ve basically lost 6 – 10 pm at least.

1. For today at least, need to buy the book, coursepack and the workbook. Need to do homework. Need to register for the class, steal audio, and un register. Sneaky, but a necessity. Need to print out paper for writing stuff and transfer first day’s ‘notes’.

Preliminary plan 0.1?

8 a.m -> 9 p.m

H.W – Ger Research work, Meetings Quals Prep? Class

2. There isn’t really too much to say. I’ve ‘alloted’ it the 6 hrs/day which I don’t really event think I’m going to come near pulling off.

3. Regarding quals, I guess the scientific computing is a ‘decided’ option now, now that I’ve decided another year of my life spent learning as a grad student is not a waste of my life. So the subjects include, Continuum Mechanics, FEM, Elasticity and Numerical Methods. I wonder if it’s a smart deal to replace elasticity with computational modelling of biological tissues. Need to think about this.

I guess a couple of hrs per day on weekends initially, just to see if I can get started should be good to try. Weekends can be more productive. Or not.

4. As usual, this moves to ‘whenever’ time. Need to fit in photography and music at some of these ‘whenever’ times as well.

5. I can’t see this fitting in unless I increase the ‘working’ time in the day. I guess this will have to be fit in between some 6 – 7 ish am. Need to decide based on sun rise timings.

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