Saturday, October the 4th, 2003

And so, this is me, trallalaa laa, walking down a corridor in GGB. Suddenly, I notice something I hadn’t before.

The Mother's Room

There it was, bang at the newly renovated toilets bathrooms restrooms. There it was, the mother’s room. I was like, cool. As I walk a few metres meters feet to the right, there was the plain ol men’s room.

Just the men's room

Evidently, women can be moms, but guys can’t be dads? Or is it somehow assumed that men won’t change their kid’s diapers or whatever it is that a mother does in a mother’s room? Or mothers are more likely to bring their kids to work than fathers?

Society is so warped. It’s set up so the male gets screwed, and we’re too dumb to see it. We’d rather get stereotyped and just get back to surviving.

Totally unrelated yet related. I remember this extremely funny stand up comic, and she went “I have fertility problems. Yes, I consider being single a fertility problem.”


And speaking of stand up comics, a whole bunch of good ones are coming to the Michigan Theater in a couple of weeks. This just exists to remind me I need to remind me to get tickets. And speaking of things I need to get tickets for, other things I need to see include Thirteen and School of Rock.

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