Sunday, December the 26th, 2004

I’m so glad this happened.

I was having some issues with her weight and general friendliness. I didn’t particularly peel through the rough exterior to get a peek at her sensitive insides. Though I prided myself at being able to ‘push all the right buttons’, she was a struggle from the get go. It always seemed like so much work to get the response I wanted, and even that seemed unnatural and forced.

I was, at points, beginning to question whether the initial attraction clouded the harsh reality, she just wasn’t right for me. But a most remarkable thing has happened over the past few days. We decided to use this time off to attempt to get closer. I just knew getting away for a long weekend and spending a lot of time together will turn things around. I got to hold her close in ways and do things I hadn’t imagined possible before. It felt perfect. I got to know so much more about her than I had over all the other time I’d spent with her.

I realise how into her I am. How much the ex doesn’t matter. How special it’s capable of being if the settings are right. I am quite certain she’s the one I want.

For now, anyway.

Did I say ‘her’ all along? I meant ‘it’, my new camera. The old one, though still insanely awesome in my heart, is dead. And so begins a new dawn.

Another day, another relationship.

(Yes, I am a geek. And I need a life.)

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