Wednesday, September the 22nd, 2004

You know those dance studios / gymnastics places / general-well-being activity type places where the people who do that sort of thing hang out? I was walking past something of the sort a few days ago, and saw an ad for this “Everyday Yoga” session for a couple of hours in the evening today. Being the curious sorts, plus wanting some of this much sought after well being, (plus wanting to start making the move to the new place worthwile) I decided to show up for one of the sessions at 6 or so this evening.

It was a most peaceful experience and extremely relaxing. But that’s not the real story. Oh no.

I was the only non 18-19 year old, non blonde, non sports-bra-n-tights wearing, non female there, apart from the instructor chap. I mean, at one point, he’s like, “ah, wahgnube, some male energy in the room”. I am not kidding, what’s the frickin’ deal with men and fear of yoga classes? I am seriously not kidding. This is the sort of group where they give you this cuddly lil furry keychain just for showing up, complete with all carefully and prettily placed ads for tons of other future events on them.

Furry keychain.

Not that I am complaining or anything.

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5 Responses to “Eyecandy and wellbeing”

  1. Pramila says:

    sounds like a niceish place to go visit – if only for the key chain!

    btb, visit my blog if n when time permits, would love for u to participate too! :)

  2. niyati says:

    ok..thats a lot of yin showing up.. the personal care products …and the aww that pings the key chain! where’s the ‘mard’ in you;)…..really whats happend to the indian male!

  3. wahgnube says:

    Pramila: Yes, keychains of the sort rock. But there are a ton of other reasons why it’s a nice place to be at.

    I read your blog, but as for participating, thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

  4. wahgnube says:

    niyati: Not to obscure my ‘mard’ any further or increase the yin that’s showing, but I probably need to point out that those aren’t all my personal care products, just the hair care ones. :)

    I will try some sort of weird reverse psychology thing here and say “Yes, I can clearly see how you fail to see the ‘mard’ in me. But I claim I’m ‘plenty a man’ for being able to be so comfortable with my awwing at cute cuddly things and product use”.

    (A side note of little importance: I needed to look up mard in an informal Hindi to English dictionary online.)

  5. niyati says:

    hmmm…i thought hindi movie (non)humour was all pervasive! these north indians….:)

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