Tuesday, September the 2nd, 2003

It was cold today morning. No, I don’t know how cold. I don’t want to know. All I know is that it was cold. Damn, I hope it just doesn’t get worse and worse from now on until it hits subzero (in their evil units) temperature. Sure it’s very, very pretty, but very, very annoying.

It did get better towards mid day though, I think. I have been cooped up indoors since then anyway, so I don’t know how warm (read ‘not cold’) it got.

Point being, it is fall already. Classes have started and I am currently rushing to 6 or so and attempting 7. Yes, it’s unnecessary strain on the mind, but it is something I do each term till I slowly back off until I hit that sweet spot, where I know I won’t die with work and can do moderately decently. Just what is moderately decently you say? I don’t quite know.

Anyway, I assume work and so on will come to a grinding halt for a little while at least, while these things reach a steady state.

I just thought about it, since I brought up ‘fall’. I’ve decided I prefer how the weather was where I’m originally from, and you DON’T HAVE TO SEE WEATHER NEWS, EVER. Because it’s always going to be very hot. That’s the weather report, on ANY given day. The way it should be. Sure, we don’t have “seasons” where plants shed their leaves, but hell, it’s so hot we barely have plants.

Since things like these always come in groups to exponentially increase their irritation factor, along with the changing weather (for the worse) and the suddenly quantum jumped courseload, there are the quintessential rommie issues. I don’t think I have anything particularly against ‘a’ roomie. I think I’ve begun to detest the very concept of a roomie. This dawned on me when I ran out of hot water a very short 40 minutes into my shower. Sure, it’s no one’s fault, but it wouldn’t have happened if roomies didn’t exist.

Yes, next plan is to rob a bank or whatever and get my own place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing personal, it’s just, the concept that I’m beginning to not stand.

Before that, I am seriously considering changing the blog name to ‘the trials and tribulations of your usual grad student’ or something similar.

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2 Responses to “Fall”

  1. Swechcha says:

    You selling the blog to your roomie?The “usual” grad student in question cant possibly be you?

  2. wahgnube says:

    Contrary to what I might try to portray, I am your average student, yes.

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