Friday, May the 21st, 2004

I’ve been meaning to migrate from my aging (and slowly beginning to get too kludgy to maintain) RedHat box to something newer. Spent most of yesterday backing up data, wiping that partition, and installing Fedora. I must say it’s very… slick, and very blue. There were a bunch of kinks which I am slowly beginning to iron out, but for the most part it is beginning to get there.

I will be documenting my progress, the trials and tribulations involved with this sort of change, and the inherent coolness of newer stuff like linux 2.6.x and a nicely customised GNOME 2.6.x. Why? because my opinions matter.

Back in reality, similar revamping has been extrapolated to other things. My apartment for one. Fixed (as in got people to fix) a bunch of things in the apartment. I now have a functioning AC blower again among other things.

That apart, I got the travel paper work done at the international student center. I’ve started making few plans with the few people I know who will be in town around the same time. I returned a bunch of books I borrowed to read for the test (but didn’t have the time).

It’s all slowly getting back to normalcy. Yay.

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