Wednesday, July the 21st, 2004

Today was rather different. Spent most of the morning reading at home, and all evening at the art fair. It was waaay more crowded than I remember it being last year, and I was spending most of my time trying to find spots where people concentration was minimum while attempting art fair bingo!

Arguably, the most fun part of the day was at this one stall. Being an engineer/scientist type, there is a pretty good chance your life lacks colour. Everything’s usually in black or white or occasionally, the odd shade of grey. That’s about it. And here was this talented woman with all her pictures super saturated with brilliant colour. I was immediately drawn to it all wide eyed and started bugging her, Beverly, with the usual questions. “Oh, what’s this?”, “How did you achieve that?” … sort of general thing. There she was, (apart from being all creative) all patiently explaining things with a smile. Now I know how it’s done. Not like I ever plan to attempt anything of the sort, but it’s nice to know stuff.

For those who missed the not-so-subtle link above, here’s her gallery. (Because it’s fun to stare at pretty things.)

All of which eventually resulted in me buying my first piece of expensive art, “Charlotte’s Web”, from her today. No, not expensive as in expensive. Expensive as in expensive from a poor grad student’s perspective. Anyway, in all my crowd concentration minimization floating around, I kept running into patches of flowers on the grass. Here are a couple of the pictures I took.

Different flowers.

Flower and a bug.

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