Thursday, August the 18th, 2005

Except that they’re comedy shows and an album instead.

But first. It took me a really long time (50+ hours) and I only finished about 84% of the content (the game actually keeps an internal log of what fraction of the game world you’ve truly explored), but I finally finished Metroid Prime. It was awesome overall, though the ending was a little disappointing.


The story starts with famed interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran having to go to a planet and destroy an evil creature. Sure enough, the end of the game is when she destroys said creature. The sad part is, there is no glorious ending, she “just leaves” the planet, in a totally professional fashion.

I wanted more of a melodramatic and story-filled ending. Not the equivalent of a 1930s “GAME OVER” screen.


Anyway, finishing the game gave me the time time to check out other forms of entertainment, and here are my reviews:

1. “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”, on FX: I like it. I really do. The cast is primarily composed of the creators and writers, so they don’t look as awesome as regular casts, but I laugh. A lot.

2. “Starved”, on FX: I hate it. I really do. This show is always paired up with the previous one, because it too features its creators in starring roles and is on FX. But it is so… I don’t know the word, probably pathetic. Firstly, it makes fun anorexics, bulimics, anorexic-chocaholics, sexaholics, obese-food-addicts, … . I have no problem with this sort of picking-on-people-with-genuine-issues grade of humour… if it is done right. This show just degrades quickly to cheap gimmicks and some somewhat-serious undertones, which just sickens me. Please don’t watch it, and FX, please cancel it.

OK, losing someone you really love to an eating disorder probably has something to do with it too. Anyway, knowing FX and Fox are so related, they’ll probably cancel the funny show and leave the crappy one running.

3. “Mind of Mencia”, on Comedy Central: I love it. Just as “Starved” tries (and fails) making fun of certain classes of people, Mencia picks on certain (racially decided) classes of people, and does it well. It makes me laugh. Poking fun at hispanics is more of an icing.

4. “Too late with Adam Corolla”, on Comedy Central: I reeeeally hate this show. Adam wasn’t funny in the “Man Show”, and he isn’t funny now. Joke after joke continue to bomb (not a peep even from the studio audience, EVEN WITH THIER “APPLAUD NOW” PLACARDS). At least the jiggling women in the “Man Show” distracted most from noticing the lack of humour.

5. “X&Y”, Cold Play: Everyone who’s anyone, including me, loves to denigrate their music using words like “But Chris is whiny” or “It’s a little gay”. But this album is actually quite alright. Actually, just like all the others, the generally-overhyped-album does have one stellar song that makes the 12 dollars spent worthwhile. For me, it’s “Fix You”. That song is just so awesome, Cold Play is forgiven for its otherwise not-rough-enough, not-rockstary-enough image.

If you’re curious, the other two songs from their previous albums that did the same thing were “High Speed” and “Amsterdam”.

God they’re lucky.

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3 Responses to “Four weddings and a funeral”

  1. G. T. Karber says:

    Adam doesn’t have a studio audience. Don’t ask me why, but he doesn’t.

  2. wahgnube says:

    I didn’t even notice that. It’s just, shows of this type usually have audiences and I spent a very short time on it. Eitherway, the show is not funny at all.

  3. G. T. Karber says:

    No, you’re right about that.

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