Thursday, May the 29th, 2003

Well, free as in beer anyway. This is amazing news. RTCW was an awesome game I must say. Now they’ve gone and made RTCW: Enemy Territory, a multiplayer only game (I think) and released it out for FREE to the general public for consumption. :D

Nice. Happy Fragging.

And the Kalam week continues. First the cool book which, I hope, Ignited my mind and now this. He is a smart man. Advocating Free Software over Microsoft’s products. He also apparently gave a speech to IIIT, which to people over here sounds no different from IIT, and they assumed it’s of MIT caliber. Now, that’s sad.

But the real story, the fact that people in power have insight into such techy things, is very very cool. Proud I be.

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  1. commentwould like free fragging software

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