Friday, August the 29th, 2003

Life’s been.. oddly fun. After galavanting around doing very little in terms of real work over most of the summer, the past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic. Work started off slowly and has accelerated quickly to the point of almost overwhelming.

It’s been mostly fun though.

I am getting used to this “jumping into the deepest, murkiest, most shark infestedest waters I can find, and hoping I don’t die” approach to things. Which, roughly translated in my world is, three dimensional, anisotropic, inhomogeneous, nonlinear, multivariate, large deformation, multiple interacting species with growth/resorption/remodelling and what not problems which involve a good deal of tensor (variational multivariate?) calculus, extreme numerical methods, and most scary, mucking around with the associated FORTRAN implementation (or even scarier, the interfacing between my C’isms and existing FORTRAN’isms.. ack!)

Like I was saying, it’s mostly fun.

So, like the usual grad student, I practically live here. I don’t have time for “real life” nonsense. I don’t give a damn either. But to some others out there who have little else to do, this seems odd to comprehend. Take the (now ex) roomie for instance. I get something like this via email when I ask for a couple of days to go through before signing anything with these fishing* retards:

“I personally would like to get this thing done with as soon as possible as for the last 2 weeks I have been running around trying to get it settled, I’ve had little time for anything else.”

First, HELLLLOO, genius with the extreme sentence construction skills – How about attempting to split 3-4 line sentences into 2 or 3 smaller ones? (And what’s pasted above is after obvious? typo removal.)

Anyway, oh, so he is the busy one is he? What am I supposed to do, oh booh hoo I should do it ASAP because he needs to get back to his life?

Hello, genius, you caused the problem, not me. I shouldn’t even be helping fix anything. What’s so hard to comprehend – “You break it, your problem fixing it”.

Like I said, life’s been mostly fun

…once all this unnecessary noise is turned off.

(* Replace ‘fish’ in fishing with any other four letter word you see fitting)

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