Monday, November the 15th, 2004

ACT I – Ensures his place in hell

A geek was at a government office earlier today wading through piles of bureaucratic nonsense to achieve one of those simple tasks (the details of which are obscured citing privacy concerns) one achieves at a government office. Anyway, a couple of hours into his wait, he sees one of the women (yes, whom some might find attractive) waaay ahead of him in queue finally get her turn and get all excited. She gleefully runs to the counter and “finishes” whatever it is she came to do in a little while (by their standards anyway) and is about to leave, when the lady goes “25 dollars please” (or whatever it took to get her task done).

She begins to get noticeably flustered, turns all red and starts apologizing. It was soon apparent that she wasn’t prepared with the money. Of course, the geek notices all this and plans to help the sweet woman in distress. He jumps out of the queue, makes his way toward her all determined-like to be of assistance. On his way there, he happens to hear her getting off the phone and say something like, “I don’t know what’s keeping him, my boyfriend should have been here by now”.

No, he didn’t show up anytime soon, nor does the geek think he even did. But that didn’t stop the geek from turning around, voluntarily letting her burn and getting back to his spot in the queue.

The geek then called Satan and confirmed his suite in hell.

ACT II – Exhibits inability to deal with people in real life

(Much time has elapsed since the previous ugly incident.)

It is finally the geek’s turn and now he runs up all excited-like to the lady at the counter. The conversation that ensued went roughly like so:

Lady: “Sir, I am having difficulty reading your form. How tall are you?”
Geek: “Oh, between 6’1″ and 6’2″, I think, like I’ve indicated on the form dear”.
Lady: “No sir, you can only be 6’1″ or 6’2″, nothing in between”.

And now the geek snaps. After eons of waiting have worn him down, his threshold for incompetence and/or stupidity has been lowered to extremely low values. He then launches into a discussion of continuous and discrete values, real numbers, infinitely dense sets, and countable/uncountable infinities (just for the heck of it).

The geek nearly gets thrown out of said government office. Needless to say, he really needs a lot of work on his people skills.

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