Tuesday, July the 15th, 2003

This is the sort of thing that bugs me. Society here is in general a lot more wasteful than they have to be. I was at this, let’s say cafe the other day. (Yes, hiding the name to protect the privacy of the employee of that place and all that jazz). I ordered a medium Dew. She says ok, and fills up a small cup. Then she looks at me and goes, oh, you asked for a medium right? I nod. She just pours out the small and fills another one in a larger cup.

Ah well, you make whatever you want out of this.

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One Response to “Generally Wasteful”

  1. Bloggeries says:

    It is amazing what we (Americans) take for granted. Most of us, having lived our lives in a society that has so many “Luxuries” at our fingertips, fail to realize how hard someone had to work to produce the things we take so frivolously.

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