Sunday, April the 17th, 2005

(I have all sorts of other posts partially typed up, but I am unable to get myself to finish any of them.)

Somewhere in the dark regions of the spectrum of channels on TV, there is this one channel I’m fairly certain few watch religiously, FX. It is here that my latest gulity pleasure, and what is probably the coolest drama on TV, resides. Nip/Tuck — This is a well written, nicely acted and intriguingly set up pornography-meets-discovery-channel-meets-edgy-drama fest. I have to say, I was channel flipping late one night and I paused for just a teeny bit before I ended up being irreparably hooked. Now I sadly admit I’ve seen every single episode of the show. The show primarily revolves around the lives of a couple of plastic surgeons in Florida. Briefly,

– Everybody is insanely beautiful, on the outside
– Everybody cheats on/fantasizes about cheating on everybody else
– All intimate scenes are shown in full graphic detail
– All surgical procedures are shown in full graphic detail
– The humour, when it exists, is insanely dry and sarcastic
– And, when it exists, it’s such a grim take on the sad state of people, you won’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted
– All characters are heavily flawed, but somehow manage to get somewhere in life, just like real people

I know it sounds clichéd so far, but what initially appears to be something formulaic ends up being anything but. For instance, here is a teeny sample of the kinds of boudaries pushed,

– You get to see a bunch of 15-16 year old high-school kids at their first threesome
– You get to see a woman commiting suicide (to Rocketman) while her lover, who’s cheating on his wife to be with her, supports her
– You get to see doctors rebuilding a model’s clitoris so she can experience an orgasm, then sleep with her to test the procedure


It is definitely not for the young, the squeamish or the easily influenced. But for the rest of us, this is insanely gripping TV. If you haven’t watched it, or saw an ad somewhere and dismissed it as cheesy, just indulge me and watch an episode(, if you’re old and sane enough, of coure).

I’m fairly certain you’ll be hooked.

(God it feels good to be out of the closet about this.)

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2 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Vigvg says:

    I saw a couple of episodes when I was back there in November, but I have to admit, it was a bit too realistic for me. Not the gore or the graphic nature, what got me was the humor. It was very scary to see that I wasn’t laughing at people who were strictly characters in a TV show – they were too real.

    But I do laugh, a lot, at reality tv. That says a lot doesn’t it !!

  2. wahgnube says:

    And dude, I must add it’s getting better! (Or worse, or “more real”, wherever it is you’re coming from)

    Just recently, for instance — random hot mom sleeps with the doc’s kid in high school. (Where the doc’s kid really isn’t the doc’s kid as one might imagine, but the OTHER doc’s kid who slept with the first doc’s wife when they were in college!). This random hot mom also occasionally sleeps with her own son, who is in the doc’s kid’s class.

    Now that’s awesome TV.

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