Tuesday, August the 1st, 2006

Stuff has happened in my life that’s made me want to get a personal-trainer-person in my life tomorrow; as in tomorrow.

Don’t trust me? perhaps, a back-story is in order.

One of the many nice things about travelling is the opportunity it presents one to splurge. You know, the chance to live the good life; complete with staying in luxurious places and stuffing your face with fancy (and not-so) foods.

Here’s a small sampling from just last week’s trip to L.A. Mouse-over the images for tidbits.

Belgian waffle

Classy bottled water

Hand-made fajitas

Quizno's sandwich

Wet pasta

What’s the word I am looking for?

Hedonism. Yeah, that’s the one.

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6 Responses to “Hedonistic tendencies”

  1. Michelle says:

    Mmmm, waffles.
    I’d just settle for getting El Boyfriend to get us signed up at the gym we drove past the other day, sigh.

  2. Grafx says:

    oh god….this is SO unfair now that ive started my aerobics classes!!!

  3. pundit says:

    Michelle: Waffles rock! Yes they do!

    And oh, one of the most guilt-tripping bits about being in school is that you have free access to their fitness places, and no real reason to not go. You will realise this soon as you start school.

  4. pundit says:

    Grafx: Sometimes, you just have to not worry about the strenuous moving around and give in (to sweet, syrupy goodness)!

  5. kamakshi says:

    hey .. look who’s back! im talking about photoblogging .. y have u disabled comments? it opens an email window .. emails r too difficult :)

  6. pundit says:


    I’ve disabled comments because I received like a 1000 spam comments a day, and that’s not fun.

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