Wednesday, March the 17th, 2004

Why am I not home at a 10 to 2?

– Tables cleaned up and 137 font tags removed.
– Broke a lot of CSS in zealotry. Will fix tomorrow.
– Templates very elaborate, but almost no work per page. Quite a bit of ugly SSI you won’t see.
– New content worked on for all pages, but not moved in.
– Still finalizing the the automation scheme for the photos page. Need another guestbook (and counter) to sever ties with uni servers.
– You shouldn’t see too many differences, except nice URIs. ( etc.)
– Probably allow journal to be reached via as well. Will move it to wordpress once theme in mmmaybe matches this.
– will be replaced by when things get .. stable.
– Will reset the counters to current values when pages stabilize.
– All “powered by” images hosted locally to reduce connections to external servers.
– Search domain in google box changed.

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