Friday, October the 15th, 2004

[This was typed up last evening, but due to flakiness of the stolen internet connection, I only got to post it today.]

It feels nice to be at home and in my own bed again.

I got back home late in the morning to a ton of spam, a bunch of packages (surprisingly? unstolen) at my doorstep (including a free, as in libre, copy of the book Free Culture courtesy of the FSF) and a bunch of notices informing me my Gamecube had gotten here while I was away. In a little while, I attended some classes and got back to work. I left relatively early, (after all the tales of the journeys had been exhausted, of course). I’ve been feeling insanely sleepy and tired today (I mean, I had to leave to the airport at some 5 in the morning). I had some plans for the evening with someone, but canceled to stay in and go to bed early. I ended up sorting travel receipts and other such nonsense instead.

And I cannot believe how much goes on in this little town and how colourful and alive it is. I feel spoilt, and I love it.

And in other news, I removed my earring for the first time. I am not entirely sure I know how to put it on again however. I really don’t think these things through as carefully as I claim to.

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2 Responses to “Home sweet home”

  1. anita says:

    you think ann arbor is colorful and alive? i mean, i guess it is compared to other towns in the midwest (i.e. lincoln). but i never would have chosen those words to describe it. not with me being so spoiled by berkeley.

  2. wahgnube says:

    I don’t. It was an extremely sarcastic (but unfortunately a little too subtle) jab at Lincoln.

    I was being mean. It seemed funny at the time.

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