Sunday, December the 21st, 2003

Ahh yes, the evil term hasn’t ended yet. You just freaking know the longer it’s dragged out, the more things that can go wrong, will. But then again, it can’t get too much worse. I mean, with a sort of breakup (no, that wasn’t the word used, but you know what you feel), not entirely stellar performances in classes, near non performance at work, what else is left?

Sure, I could be walking down the street where I get hit by a drunk truck driver (not the driver, the truck), hit a power pole and get electrocuted, get through all of this in extreme pain, but alive, and freeze slowly to death in the ice while one eye watches the other being eaten by maggots. Sure, yes, it can be worse if you really concoct situations that are highly unlikely.

It’s like this fishing dark curse. What happened to the glorious times, when people wanted you, all those straight A+’s, travelling around the country talking to smart people?

Life is not fair. Good karma build up is a myth. And I can’t wait for Monday.

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One Response to “I can’t wait for Monday”

  1. Everybody still wants everybody- like bad.and the straight a’s are right around the corner.

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