Tuesday, October the 26th, 2004

Where do I begin? Ah yes, due to an unfortunate turn of events in her company’s fiscal state, a friend of mine was recently laid off and leaving AA soon. She told me about this in the evening, when it was decided we hang out and talk about things over dinner. As we were walking around downtown looking for a nice place to eat, we walked past a theatre where I ♥ Huckabees was showing. Having read and heard so much about it recently, I had to see it. We gobbled up what could be classified as a ‘quick dinner’ and rushed to make it on time.

And it was a good thing. I’ve not laughed this hard in a long time. It’s this totally offbeat story involving four people whose lives are intertwined in odd ways, as part of the “grand tapestry of all existence”. It’s a dream-like take on a lot of events, with a crude (and cruel) sense of humour that’s “intellectually masked” with metaphysical discussions.

Though it makes you wonder about some things, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and ends up making fun at opposing points of view. And I can’t get the cute title song out of my head. Cute, that’s the word. Everything about it was just very cute. If you’ve not yet convinced, it even has dirty (you’ll see what I mean) sex.

Disclaimer: Naomi Watts is gorgeous. There is good reason to believe the above review was consequently clouded.

Samples: Blanket Truth, Quantity, Not Quality, and Now!

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