Tuesday, October the 21st, 2003

I mean literally. This thing isn’t due for another hour or so, and I still have about an hour of work left on it. But I’ve stopped. What’s the fun in finishing before (or even on) time? The real fun is in pushing limits to the very edges, and breaking them if you have to.

Finally feel relaxed. Just waiting for the final burst of tension filled enthusiasm to set in to actually finish this. Which will most probably be done hurriedly in some bus with shabby handwriting and what not, but that’s just me.

I had ages to do this. But didn’t. Last evening I began panicking and started. Things looked pretty bleak until 3-4 am, while I was working like a madman. And then I could see it, the finish line. I actually started checking of things left to be done rather than things I’ve finished. And then it happened, I stalled, and slowly stopped. Random browsing, senseless arguments, music breaks, dew refills, working on the chat box, downloaded, installed and playing HALO damnit. It was such a let down. I loved the entry menu music. Totally downhill from there.

Good thing I didn’t rush in for an XBOX just FOR this game. I will wait for Halo 2 or whatever and then weigh the options.

Currently overdosed with sugar and caffeine. It can’t be good for me, but I feel real good. And to think I almost started pondering about thinking about the concept of “from now on I am going to start early, do a good job and finish on time.”

Hah, yeah right. I’ll the take weeks and weeks of nothingness, falling rapidly behind, then catching up with these once in few months marathon “get everything cleared sessions” any day. Not literally of course, just, get way over delayed things cleared.

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