Sunday, November the 7th, 2010

I talked to her for a long time. I explained to her that she caught me at a particularly low moment in my life when she called a couple of days ago, and apologised for not answering the phone then. I explained to her that things are a lot happier, and that whether I am happy or sad, I have people who care about me to communicate with what I am going through. I asked her for a lot of time to grow up, and to learn to recognise and appreciate when my life is good.

I don’t think she understood entirely, but I think she feels better about how I am doing.

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One Response to “I talked to my mama”

  1. CARiD says:

    I think you did the right thing. Your mother now should be less worried about you. You know how mothers are, always worrying. Well if your mother calls, just let her talk if you are not feeling well. Most mother do love to talk. Cherish your mother and just keep in touch every once and a while to let her know you are still around.

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