Sunday, October the 19th, 2003

Oh my god. Yesterday was one of the most funnest days I have had in ages. Yes, obviously my standards aren’t too high, but they’re all I care about. And yes, “no work” and fun are synonymous.

While idling most (no actually, all) of the morning (and afternoon and early evening and …) and catching up on music, I was greeted to the news that Apple released iTunes and their music store to the masses, read Windows users. Then the usual mac zealot crap about how Apple’s stuff are the coolest things without contest ever. Sure, some of their stuff is very cool, like the iPod. But most isn’t, necessarily. They’re slow, sluggish and I don’t particularly care for the “let’s make everything translucent or metallic” design mantra. It’s plain unpalatable at times and even more so when you run their apps on Windows. Take Quicktime for instance. It just stands out (in a horrid way), and performs like crap.

Not being able to stand this mac zealotry, which seems to be quite high in this campus, I had to do something to shut one person up about the coolness of iTunes’ network music sharing prowess. One underpowered machine, running Shoutcast, streaming a few gigs selection of music to the whole network, without the iTunes “5 people restriction” shut him up. It felt good. Shoutcast’s another one of those very cool yet inherently evil because it’s not free software.

And the morning spent scouring for good radio stations had conveniently reminded me of its existence.

Keeping with the no work scheme of things, I tried to avoid using a computer yesterday, attempting to avoid even the most minor work, like checking (and having to respond to email), updating the blog and so on. But the idiot mac zealot ruined that. Anyway, it was worth it to wipe the smirk off his face. While I was at the machine, I also realized another WordPress was released. WordPress is essentially a derivative of b2. I installed it and started configuring it to match the site. You know, just for when sf decides is an abuse of their resources. The current WordPress release is pretty sweet. It’s standard XML, it’s got rss, rdf and all the other sorts of feeds for programs like Straw and a lot more goodness.

But I stopped in a bit. All in good time I say, besides, I was supposed to be goofing off.

The evening was super fun. Finally went to the no class tour. It was expectedly very funny. Side note, I think I counted 3 non-whites, out of some 400 people? Hmm … , anyway it started off with a U of M student stand up wannabe, who was actually quite good before the real comics came on. Christian Finnegan was the first, and the humour was obviously tailored to a college crowd. A young, not very bright, college crowd. Totally fun. The next one up was Ed Helms, the reason I went in the first place. He was very funny too, and I didn’t realize his hair was all white in real life. He doesn’t even have the “No, it’s platinum blonde” story, like some other people. All is very funny, and everyone is teary eyed (in a good way). When Doug Stanhope walks in. Now the old man show was quite gross. The new one’s taken it to all new lows. They were each on for about 40 or so minutes. And a crowd of some 60% women reduced to some 20% before he was done. It was, vaguely put, crude verbal porn. But very funny, yes.

Feeling all good about my evening, I did one of the stupider things I’ve done in a while. Rather than wait for a bus, I decided to jog back home. I was, in a sense, high and not thinking straight. I made it home, yes, some 35 minutes later. And I couldn’t move. I was exhausted, panting, hurting all over, and crashed. After washing up of course.

I’m going to patent this “exercise is a cure for insomnia” idea.

Like I was saying, yesterday was one of the most unproductive days I have had in ages. It was awesome.

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