Saturday, July the 17th, 2004

Well I have been here for a while, and besides theatrics, the title doesn’t serve too much purpose.

I can’t believe I haven’t written here in so long. Initially it was “work”, then it was laziness, then I apparently became active, well activeer anyway. It’s so hard to get back to this once you realize how much less work not writing really is. But I will brave on.

The trip back home was uneventful, in a good way. I reached and chilled at my aunt’s place for a couple of days before coming home home. Surprisingly, home home wasn’t all robbed, dirtied, and burnt down. It was neat, tidy and organized. I think in an even better state than I remember leaving it. Roomies aren’t all bad, apparently. They aren’t all good either. In the one month I was away, the clowns’ behaviour has resulted in every single bill remaining unpaid, leaving me dealing with consequent fines.

But they made up for all of that by keeping the place tidy.

In a remarkable turn of events, I, the one who was more than happy with his one meal a day, am now constantly craving food. I think going home to mom’s cooking and near infinite stock of goodies to munch on will do this to you. For instance, my pre-mid-day consumption has gone roughly like so. Wake -> breakfast -> post breakfast snack -> pre early lunch snack -> early lunch. You know? Something needs to be done about this, and fast.

In an even more remarkable turn of events (well, not really), I’ve decided to do something about it. We can either hit the cause (the many meals a day) or the effect (the bellieder than people on TV tell you it’s OK to be). For now I’m going to aim at the effect. I am going to exercise or whatever it takes. For starters, I’ve started with the forced 8 (exceptionally large) glasses of water a day. You spend so much time walking between wherever it is you hang out and the bathroom closest to wherever it is you hang out, you’re working out. Of course, I’m using working out very loosely.

Ah, so that’s how all that water is good for you.

Once I finally (groggily, you know, all jet lag and all) made my way to work, pulling email resulted in 1094 unread messages in my inboxes. It’s going to be a while.

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