Sunday, August the 15th, 2004

I’ve been trying to be busy all weekend and not do anything related to the much-talked-about move. And for the most part, I pulled it off and did try to get a lot of work done. But in real world terms, I didn’t make that much progress. It’s times like this when I get this huge bout of imposter-syndromisms. I felt quite clueless, incompetent and quite the fraud. Anything else I’d done so far was just… good circumstances cascading together to result in a massive fluke. But for now I’m unable to do what I set out to, and I feel like.. the jig’s up.


Anyway, to snap out of it I decided to fool around with Delineate’s design some more. I came up with some more versions, and am now roughly toying between, Iteration-3 and Iteration-6. Now that turned out to be a dumb move because I either like all designs at the same time, or hate them all at once. I felt like much more of a phoney when I couldn’t even achieve this trivial task.

*Shudder squared*

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