Monday, September the 27th, 2004

I just loaded a fishing drink dispensing machine with the required number of quarters for a drink and later realized the only drink it’s capable of selling me is root beer, because all the things normal people consume are sold out.

Now I get to enjoy the fishing wondrous taste of toothpaste dissolved in water.


Being at work at ungodly hours isn’t particularly happening. (6:44, the next morning, for the curious.)

(Notice how I use the word fish so much more every time I cycle through the episodes of South Park? I do too. God damn it.)

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One Response to “I’m retarded.”

  1. pUl| says:

    Something similar happened with me once. I wanted to grab a bottle of Pop from the machine and ended up choosing the button just below it, root beer :( Needless to say, I dumped the bottle in the nearest garbage can and walked away, a little frustrated at myself.

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