Monday, January the 19th, 2004

I just stood there in the cold, reliving the evening and staring at it. I am not so sure the chill could be attributed to the cold.

Now I don’t know whether I have to mope about some stupid traffic light signal changing its sequence (and the obligatory having to reobserve and relearn), or whether I should be celebrating that I didn’t almost get myself killed by letting my state of mind affect my past perception based estimation.

It might seem awfully shallow to a third person that this is one of his biggest life concerns. I am not too good with dealing with changes, and I’m sort of targetting all fear related to all changes toward this. I guess, as if it’s a (reeshy level) metaphor for something a lot bigger.

Then again, it may just be a very important concern (for no apparent reason) in my life, and my life might just be a lot more sketchy than I give it credit for.

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