Saturday, May the 1st, 2010
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6 Responses to “Ivan and Romana’s classroom”

  1. Hari says:

    Hi pandit

    Your weblog is amazing. Can you share your template with me under GPL license?


    • pundit says:

      Thanks, and of course! Feel free to fetch a copy and try it out.

      There might be a thing or two specific to my site in the theme, and you can change it after trying it out. Ask me questions if you need help.

  2. Gouri says:

    Love the way you’ve captured them in their natural pose..

    • pundit says:

      I am glad you liked the pictures, Gouri. There are many more on this site if you want to explore it.

  3. Nivedita says:

    Liked the pics!!

    Especially the above ones.. I am in social work, may i know where this has been taken?


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